About Us

Katelyn Sykes

President Katelyn Sykes

I’m Katelyn Sykes. Welcome to the Embro Fair! I grew up on my family’s dairy farm just outside of Embro. I manage the new dairy facility we built in 2020 along-side my husband where we currently reside with our two kids, Max and Kyra. I enjoy playing hockey, working out in our home gym, cooking, baking and participating in community events. I am passionate about agriculture and our community. I joined the fairboard first as the 2015-2016 ambassador. After that I stayed on as a director. I always enjoyed the fair weekend growing up. My favourite part was always going and looking at how my crafts did.I would like to thank all our sponsors, directors, volunteers, exhibitors and fair patrons, without you the fair would not be a success. We look forward to seeing out all at our events once we are able to have in person events!

Vice President – Chantel Van Ryswyck

I joined the Embro and Zorra Agriculture Society as a Director in January 2019 and decided to help run the kitchen for Dinner Theatre that February. What I quickly learned is how many volunteers it takes to run the events the Ag Society puts on. I feel so fortunate to live in a community that not only supports our events by attending them, but also where so many people are so willing to give their time to help our society run events. In 2019 and early 2020 when we were able to have our Fall Fair, Spaghetti Fundraiser Dinner and host Dinner Theatre, I met so many people, familiar and new, and that has been my favourite part about being on the fairboard. I am very much looking forward to the day when we can gather as a community again. 


Secretary – Nicole Barnett

As Secretary of the Embro & Zorra Agricultural Society since January 2019, I have thoroughly enjoyed the role and am proud to say I am working with this group for the betterment of our community! I grew up on my parents dairy farm in Lakeside and now reside just one road over with my husband Chris and our boys. We own and operate a nursery swine operation, cash crop, and my husband operates a custom manure business as well. As far as my career, I work as the Administrator for the Oxford County Federation of Agriculture, and also my own business called NashyCakes in honour of our son where a portion of the proceeds from all desserts made will help Bereaved Families and also children who have incurred head injuries. I grew up heavily involved in 4-H both as a member, and then later on as a volunteer 4-H Leader for 13 years and Oxford Cloverbuds Leader. I enjoy playing co-Ed baseball with my husband, running around to the boys’ baseball and hockey, baking, growing my vegetable garden, camping, spending time with family and friends, and partaking in community events. I’ve always enjoyed agriculture and participating in the local fairs…it was something we did as a family growing up, and something we continue to do with our boys as well. The life skills you can learn by growing, baking, sewing, creating are beyond compare and so important!  It really brings out the unique talents, pride in a job well done, and a sense of togetherness in the community that is so unique to Embro. If you have any questions, new ideas, or suggestions — please do not hesitate to reach out to me as I love helping people! I look forward to bringing forward community events in whatever capacity restrictions allow this year, seeing all the interesting exhibits (and entering a few of my own!), and keeping that sense of positivity in our community alive for years to come. There is no better community than the one we live in, the grassroots and heritage run deep and I am so proud to say I am raising my family here! 

Treasurer-Lynda Pillon

More information to come soon

Homecraft President- Kathryn Walton

It is my pleasure, as homecraft president, to welcome you back to the Embro Fair. What a year it has been! After postponing our fair last year, we’re ready to see “How Sweet It Is” this year!  I look forward to seeing how all our exhibitors honour this age-old tradition of beekeeping!

We all know of the countless benefits of honey bees in our environment. From making honey and candles to the revived popularity of beeswax wraps, bees have played a vital part in the survival of our ancestors and we still rely on those hard-working little rascals even with our modern agricultural practices!

Our homecraft committee members have been working hard and I urge you to look at the new and not so new categories we have included this year. Please review the rules for exhibiting, the judges do try to adhere to them and the directors do their best to keep everything on track. II you have questions, contact the director involved. We’re always open to suggestions and I would encourage you to become involved by joining our homecraft committee.

Enjoy the fair!