My Year So Far

The past year has been one I will remember forever. I made so many new friends and had so many different opportunities. Here is a brief summary of the events I have had the pleasure of attending over the past year:

September: The Embro Fair

The weekend of the fair sure was a busy one! I was running from event to event, trying not to miss anything. The first day rained a lot, but that did not stop the kids from playing road hockey; Rain or shine, those games continued all day. Luckily, on the Sunday there wasn’t any rain so everyone could enjoy the outdoor events and the rides. My favorite part of the weekend was judging the pet show. The children and their pets were so cute! By the end of the weekend I became much better at impromptu speeches, as I had to say a little about myself at every event. I had a blast.

November: AGM

I attended the District 7 Annual General Meeting in Aberfoyle where I met all the other ambassadors in our district. They were all very nice and we became friends pretty quickly. At the ambassador program, Dr. Steve Noonan spoke to us on the power of positive thinking. This was a very inspiring and motivating talk.

November: Fish Fry

Also in November was the annual fish fry, this was a great success. The company and food were amazing.

December: Woodstock Annual Christmas Parade

In December I had the opportunity to ride in Woodstock’s Annual Christmas Parade. It was a cold, wet night but that didn’t stop the community from coming out to watch the parade. It was a lot of fun. I really like kids, and really enjoy the opportunities to interact with them and watch the joy on their faces as we went by, which I am sure had nothing to do with the candy being thrown from the floats.

February: OASS Convention

Most recently, I attended the OAAS Convention in Toronto with all of the other ambassadors in Ontario. These were an amazing few days. The other ambassadors were very fun and nice and I am sure the friendships we forged will remain over the years.

I look forward to attending the pasta supper next Friday!